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    • Many Portuguese teams look forward to Gothia Cup 2021

      Many Portuguese teams look forward to Gothia Cup 2021

      More than 600 teams have registrered to participate in Gothia Cup 2021. The first team to sign up was AD Almada 2015 and it might not be a coincidence, since Portugal has an upgoing trend in the World Youth Cup. ”The dream of most young footballers and coaches is to participate, at least once, in the Gothia Cup”, says Armando Lopes, Gothia Cup’s representative in Portugal.

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    • Despite the Corona pandemic – great interest in Gothia Cup 2021

      Despite the Corona pandemic – great interest in Gothia Cup 2021

      Today, Gothia Cup opened the registration for the tournament next summer. The spots for local teams were filled within a few minutes as usual and some foreign teams hung on the lock. The first team to register were AD Almada from Portugal and after a few hours more than 500 teams from 20 countries were registered for Gothia Cup 2021.

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    • The activities at CF Gothia in Brazzaville are up and running again

      The activities at CF Gothia in Brazzaville are up and running again

      In March our sport school in Congo-Brazzaville had to close due to the corona pandemic outbreak but during the summer they were able to open up again. In these uncertain times, the activities at the sports center offer the children a sense of normality and joyfulness.

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    • FC Chambly went to Gothenburg to revisit their Gothia friends

      FC Chambly went to Gothenburg to revisit their Gothia friends

      Coach Christophe Languille were pushed by the players to contact their Gothia friends in Askims IK, to see if they could arrange a training camp during what was supposed to have been the Gothia Cup week. "It felt important to take the chance to come here, mainly for the boys sake. I think it is difficult for many children to understand why they're not allowed to play and perhaps it is extra important for them to do so right now."

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    • The Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony Special

      The Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony Special

      What a night we had yesterday when Kajsa with guests took us all on a trip down memory lane to relive some truly remarkable moments from the Gothia Cup Opening Ceremony. – Monday night during Gothia week is when everyone meets at Ullevi. An evening where we together show our love for football and each […]

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    • Join us for a trip down memory lane

      Join us for a trip down memory lane

      For many years we have created some truly unforgettable Gothia Cup memories. This summer, we won’t be able to do so.

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    The Gothia Cup Aftermovie

    This aftermovie sums up all the wonderful memories and moments that we together created during Gothia Cup in 2018.

    What we do

    Our main events

    We believe that it is important to make a tournament a lifelong memory. With moments for everyone – moments of harmony and fellowship - moments where everyone comes together.

    Opening Ceremony

    The atmosphere surrounding the opening of the Gothia Cup is electric, enough to make you shiver with excitement. It’s a memory you’ll remember and smile at for the rest of your life.

    Leaders Party

    What would Gothia Cup be without all our fantastic leaders that give so much of their time to their young people. Gothia Leaders Party should be a reward for all that hard work. Enjoy a colorful evening of wining, dining and entertainment among a couple of thousand other leaders from all over the world.

    The Finals

    After one week of fighting it’s finaly time for the finals. In front of 25.000 spectators, 14 teams will become champions.

    A fair play project

    Celebrate The Game

    Celebrate the Game is a Fair Play project that Gothia Cup runs to create a better environment for everyone both on and off the playing fields. The project consists of several parts with different focus areas and will gradually expand.

    Celebrate the Game

    Gothia Cup Foundation

    Gothia Cup Foundation is a collection of projects that Gothia Cup runs in order to give children and young people who otherwise would not have had the chance, the opportunity for educational and active recreation.

    The Gothia App

    Best way to follow the tournament

    Gothia Cup has perhaps the market ‘s most advanced and easy to use result and game schedule system. Full schedule and all results are available both on our website and in our apps for Android , iPhone and iPad. In addition, all the goals from all the games are reported live.

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    All games are reported live

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    Over 1300 games are stream live. For free

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    Gothia eCup

    It´s now kick off time for Gothia eCup FIFA 20 edition! An online tournament for all you FIFA players out there who wants to take your game to next level. The tournament qualifier rounds are open between November 25th – December 23rd and you can sign up now.

    Gothia eCup

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