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Gothia Cup isn’t just the world’s largest youth tournament, it’s a feast for the whole city. A multi-cultural event, not only on the pitch. We are proud that we engage people from over eighty nations. We celebrate diversity and equality. That is why we listen to each other, learn from each other and stand up for each other. We respect everyone and every body, because together we are more.


The Campaign

This summer we will expand our work for showing each other respect, also off the pitches, by highlighting the importance of respect and understanding in our everyday life. With our campaign, Respect Every Body, Gothia Cup wants to strengthen the awareness of sexual harassments in today’s society – of respect for one’s own and others’ bodies.

Our intention with the campaign is to draw attention to one’s own responsibility, about respect for one’s own and others’ body boundaries, about the values in our society – above all in a multi-cultural meeting place like Gothia Cup – and about the fact that we are all responsible in fighting sexual harassments, as an active audience.

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Celebrate the Game

Celebrate the Game is a Fair Play project that Gothia Cup runs to create a better environment for everyone both on and off the playing fields. The project consists of several parts with different focus areas and will gradually expand. Together, we will create an even better environment on and around the pitches.

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