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A great comeback secured the win

Borgeby FK from Sweden are champions of Gothia Cup after a great comeback. 2–0 down went to 3–2 up for the Swedish team it was many thanks to the fenomenal striker, Johanna Lindblom. "I cant describe what it feels like right know, this is what we wanted...

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Another victory for KFV Segeberg

KFV Segeberg continues to achieve success in Gothia Cup. This time it was the team in Girls 13 category. The Germans could defeat Marin FC from USA after a thrilling penalty shootout. (0–0 a.ft) KFV Segeberg went trough the tournament without conceding...

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Two gold in two years

The ruling champions Lizzy Football Club, who won the B11 class last year, played the final in B12 this year. This time even against a German team, SC Nienstedten.

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Boo are the champions of Gothia Cup

Boo IS are the champions of Gothia Cup Girls 12- category. After a huge performance from the team but specially from the striker Michelle Rinaldo, the team from Stockholm could win the impressive result, 9–1. 

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KFV Segeberg – The first winners of Gothia Cup 2017

KFV Segeberg (G11) are the first winners of Gothia Cup 2017 and also the first winners of Girls 11-category which was introduced for the first time. KFV Segeberg won comfortable by 5–0. However, it was an exciting an open game were Saltsjöbaden IFs...

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‘Rallegnaget’ is the winner of Gothia eCup

The playoff of Gothia eCup was played during Thursday night at Lisebergshallen. And it was the preliminary favorite, Rasmus 'Rallegnaget' Nyström who, in a comfortable way won the historical and first edition of Gothia eCup. 

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