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Gothia Kviberg Center


Kviberg is the biggest playing field at Gothia Cup. Here you will find 26 fields, an event area where some partners organize fun activities and competitions all week.

If you're hungry you can buy some good food at various food trucks at the big food court and if you're in a shopping mode you'll find a sales tent at the area where you can buy sportswear and merchandise.

Welcome to the Gothia Kviberg Center

  • GB
    Try the fun photo booth with your friends, family or teammates and get the photos back with you home. You might also get a free gift! :)

  • Pågen
    During two days you can meet Pågen at Kviberg. They will have activities and if you participate you’ll get a tasting sample to take home.
  • Serneke
    Prioritet Serneke Arena includes two football fields inside and a large area that will be filled with activities for you to try. Have a culinary experience visiting their Italian-American restaurant Campo or take a break in the Skilodge. If you get tired of the summer heat you can always come inside to Skidome where we guarantee snow and a lot of ski-fun! Whatever your mood for the day is, we’ll be happy to satisfy it! – Welcome to experience.



Thanks to the short distances in the city, Gothenburg is one of Europe’s premier events cities. It’s a friendly summer city with easy access to the archipelago. The people of Gothenburg are used to looking after their visitors. And we also have Liseberg, the top leisure park in Northern Europe, visited by a large proportion of all Gothia Cup participants.

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