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After one week of matches it’s finally time for the finals. Of the 1600 teams participating only 14 teams will become champions.

The longer the week goes, if you are still in the tournament, you are getting closer to the grand final. First, let’s just clarify that all teams play playoffs. The two best in each group goes to A-play offs, the other to the B-play offs. Depending on how many teams that are in the age category a team can play up to ten matches before reaching all the way.

Finals of the A-play offs will be played at Gamla Ullevi and SKF Arena. The finals are often attended by more than 30000 persons. Come and watch the exciting games and celebrate the winners with all of us.

Many of the teams who did not reach the final are watching the final in their age category. This gives them a nice ending to their Gothia Cup adventure.

Place: Gamla Ullevi and SKF Arena
Day: Saturday, July 24th

Celebrate the winners!


At Gamla Ullevi you enter for free with your Gothia Card. If you don’t have Gothia Card, you can purchase tickets at the ticket counter at Gamla Ullevi.

Adults: 100 SEK
Children up to 15 years: 50 SEK

The finals at SKF Arena are free of charge.

The finals day are the obvious conclusion of a week filled with great football, lots of people, nerves and emotions. For a few, the dream comes true and they can raise the trophy in front of the many spectators.

Schedule finals: (preliminary)

SKF Arena

08.30 G14B
09.45 B14B
11.00 G13
12.20 B13
13.40 G14
15.00 B14
16.20 G15
17.40 B15

Gamla Ullevi

08.30 G17
09.45 B17
11.00 G16
12.20 B16
13.40 G17E
15.00 B17E
16.20 G18
17.40 B18

Schedule B-finals: (preliminary)

All B-finals are played at Heden on Saturday.

09:00 B16
10:15 G16
11:30 B17
12:45 G18
14:00 B18
15:15 G17E
16:30 B17E
17:45 B14B

09:00 B13
10:15 G13
11:30 G17
12:45 B15
14:00 G15
15:15 B14
16:30 G14
17:45 G14B

Gothia Heden Center

Heden is the heart of Gothia Cup. Here you will find the Information desk and the tournament’s headquarters during the week. Heden Center is centraly located in Gothenburg, within walking distance from Ullevi Stadium (opening ceremony arena) and the main boulevard Avenyn.

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