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Facts and statistics

The best team until now is Tahuichi of 1984. 8 of the players from that team did represent the national team of Bolivia at the World Cup in USA 1994.
More than 1 000.000 players have taken part in the Gothia Cup during the years.

Stats 2019

  • Participating teams:
    1 686
  • Participants:
    36 212
  • Nations:
  • Nations since the start:


  • Boys/girls
  • Average age:

Stats 2019

  • Playing fields:
  • No. of games:
    4 324
  • No. goals made:
    20 358
  • Spectators in finals:
    21 819
  • Spectators in Opening Ceremony:
    50 123
The following players have one thing in common; they have won the Gothia Cup as well as they took part at the World Cup 2006: Xabi Alonso (Spain), Adebayor (Togo), Andrea Pirlo (Italy), Ze Roberto (Brazil), José Montiel (Paraguay), Kim Källström (Sweden) and Teddy Lucic (Sweden).
Six countries have been represented every year: Sweden, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland and England.

Already the very first year girls were welcome to take part. Unique for the time but it was a great success. After 5 years the tournament held 6 different age classes for girls.
The most popular meal at the schools is meatballs with mashed potatoes. In total the players eat 255 000 meatballs.

Stats 2019

  • Audience at Heden, 7 days.:
    460 000
  • Total visitors:
    62 000
  • No. of tourist nights:
    350 500
  • Amount of money spended in Göteborg:
    480 mkr
  • Tax income to the state:
    178 mkr
  • Percentage pleased visitors:
    99,2 %

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