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Around 300 children attend to our sport school in Congo-Brazzaville. After school, the children go to CF Gothia to play football, beach volleyball and practice gymnastics. In conjunction with training, the children participate in social activities, with education in the school’s ten hallmarks as well as lectures in life lessons: physiology and puberty, gender-based violence, hygiene, discrimination – subjects that are taboo in many households.



Gothia Cups new webshop is here!

Gothia Cups new webshop is here!

Gothia Cups new webshop is now online. In the official collection you will find clothes, headwear, bags and accessories.

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Celebrate the Game – The Official Gothia Cup Song

Celebrate the Game – The Official Gothia Cup Song

Today, the official Gothia Cup song Celebrate the Game is released, a song that is designed to spread joy and to inspire the players as well as the coaching teams, referees and supporters throughout the tournament.

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Ten year old Samyra – a natural leader

Ten year old Samyra – a natural leader

Ten year old Samyra is one of the children who participate in the activities at CF Gothia sports school. Samyra is above all interested in soccer.

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Batantou Messie win, 15-years-old, volleyball, captain

“For me encouragement is important. I normally encourage regardless of if I succeed or not, both at school and in the team. If you have failed you can give advice of how to do it next time. In that way you can strengthen each other. I love encouraging others. If I don’t encourage a person who has failed there might be a risk that person leaves the team. Normally I also encourage my team mates by bringing sweets to the practice (to someone who has done something good) or by bringing water to my team mates.”


Berchana Rovalie Nichelle Nambou, 16-years-old, gymnastic

“Reliability is about being aware of what you do, respecting meeting times, doing what you are asked to do. To be reliable can help you in your life, you can be a person whom others says “you can trust her”. You can be a good example others can follow. To be reliable is also about coming to school in time, being polite, listeting to the teachers and doing all you can in the courses to you can finish them. My older sister Dominique is reliable and is a big part of my life. When I am down I share everything with her, she knows my secrets and she can advise me what to do. It is like being unburden when I can share it with someone. When I have talked to her I feel free.”


Trésor Manieki, 17-years-old, gymnastic

“I will habe a positive behvaiour so others can follow me. I want to spread positive thoughts så the team can progess forward. If nobody has the courage to lead the others the group won’t go forward. You get the chance to change – if for example someone is better than me at something he can teach me and I can ask him to become better. I want to be an example for others and my talk and act should be the same. Even in the society, the church and at school I want to be an example in my behaviour, how I am towards others.”

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