Around 300 children attend our sport school in Congo-Brazzaville. After school, the children go to CF Gothia to play football, beach volleyball and practice gymnastics. In conjunction with training, the children participate in social activities, with education in the school’s ten hallmarks as well as lectures in life lessons: physiology and puberty, gender-based violence, hygiene, discrimination – subjects that are taboo in many households.



Berjona Mbemba follows her passion

Berjona Mbemba follows her passion

Berjona Mbemba has ignored prejudice and followed her passion. As a player and coach, football has taken her to other parts of Congo as well as other African countries.

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Aids Day at CF Gothia

Aids Day at CF Gothia

During a theme day before Christmas, the children at our sports school in Congo, CF Gothia, learned more about AIDS and how to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases.

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CF Gothia was filled with joy as the season began

CF Gothia was filled with joy as the season began

A new academic year is underway at our sports school in Congo, CF Gothia. 125 children and young people were on site on the first day and for the first time, our new volunteers in Brazzaville got to enjoy the joy and energy that spreads when the area is filled with life and movement

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Positive attitude

Emilia Ntsiete Clairlina, AGE 9, GYMNAST.

"If someone else in the group does something well, you can applaud and say ‘bravo!’ When others say things like that to me, I feel really happy. If the others are encouraging, I want to keep practicing and working. I can help people who don’t succeed. I can show my friend what to do and then if my friend doesn’t succeed, I can support her and help her so that she succeeds with the exercise. When I’m at home and my mum asks for help, I can help her and do what she asks, even if I don’t feel like it. And at school, if the teacher asks, I can go up to the board and write the answer and in the end I can get applause from my friends."


Minya Loyde, AGE 17, GYMNAST.

”You should be honest and not lie to other people. If you are in a class, you have to be honest. If you are honest, you will have fewer problems with people, because people will trust you and say ‘you can trust her’ and that’s good. Sometimes it’s hard to be honest; a lot of people lie. But if you ask God, you can be a more honest person. At home, if someone has taken money and mum asks and you know who took the money, it’s important to tell the truth if you’ve seen something. If you’re honest, you tell the truth – if you lie, it will be hard.”



”You should respect leaders, opponents, referees and teammates. If I’ve done something wrong and hurt someone on the pitch, it’s respectful to apologize to that person. And playing by the rules of fair play, greeting each other before the match, and cheering each other on. You should listen to the referee’s signs and decisions, even if he’s made a mistake. On another day, maybe he won’t make the same mistake again. As captain, I can speak calmly with the referee but you shouldn’t argue with your teammates, opponents or the referee on the pitch. Respect means being polite and listening to your teachers at school, and to your parents at home, because they can help you in life.”

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