Around 300 children attend our sport school in Congo-Brazzaville. After school, the children go to CF Gothia to play football, beach volleyball and practice gymnastics. In conjunction with training, the children participate in social activities, with education in the school’s ten hallmarks as well as lectures in life lessons: physiology and puberty, gender-based violence, hygiene, discrimination – subjects that are taboo in many households.



Lessons for life

Lessons for life

It is not just about the football at CF Gothia in Congo-Brazzaville. Even though many of the children have dreams about becoming professional football players they also learn other important things they will carry with them along their journeys through their lives. Here, three of the children share their experiences from the school.

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Berjona Mbemba follows her passion

Berjona Mbemba follows her passion

Berjona Mbemba has ignored prejudice and followed her passion. As a player and coach, football has taken her to other parts of Congo as well as other African countries.

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Aids Day at CF Gothia

Aids Day at CF Gothia

During a theme day before Christmas, the children at our sports school in Congo, CF Gothia, learned more about AIDS and how to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases.

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Ditotolo Hernesta, 17-years-old, football, team captain

“As a captain it is important to take responsibility, because you can then guide others what to do and what not to do. Be an example for others as a captain. All guiding stars is a part of responsibility, for example showing respect for others and using an acceptable language. Every day I lead the team in removing garbage and stones from the football fields and we also help each other to clean the club house, that’s also taking responsibility.”


Amour Babassana, 12-years-old, football

“I want to show respect towards myself and other by not smoking or using drugs. To show respect is also not fight but rather see each other as good friends. You are never allowed to hurt others.”

Good language

Kombo Bangou Exaucé, 12-years-old, football

“You are not allowed to be cheeky you rather have to respect others. An not to embarrass. It is also about fair play others not to be mad on the pitch. Even if others make mistakes I shouldn’t embarrass them. If others talk in a bad manner I can lecture them in a good way and describe for them how to use a better language.”

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