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Celebrate the Game is a Fair Play project that Gothia Cup runs in association with Länsförsäkringar, to create a better environment for everyone both on and off the pitches. Together – players, leaders, parents, referees and supporters – we create a positive, fair, supportive and kind environment during a match.


Awareness campaign

Celebrate The Game

During the Gothia Cup you will find our “Please Remember”-billboard at all our playing areas, which tells some small but yet so important messages. "This is youth football", "The referees are human", "The coaches are volunteers" and "This is only a game". Please remember this next time you visit a youth football match.

Parents role in youth football

In the 2019 Celebrate the Game campaign, we focus on parents role in youth football. Reports from different parts of the world tell us that lots of kids are dropping out of sport and they think that poor behaviour from adults at the sidelines is part of the problem.

The best way for a parent to help their child play better is not to give instructions during the game – "Shoot!” or ”Pass it!" – but to offer encouragement – "Good job out there!". The youth players have coaches who are there to help them – parents are there to support them.

If you ask parents to list what they want for their kids, winning doesn’t come up high on the list at all. They want their children to learn hard work, determination, perseverance, how to deal with defeat – and all those are learnt win or loose. If the truly goal is the life lesson – that’s going to occur through the good and the bad.

If parents have a hard time to keep quiet at the sidelines, coach them with these three tips:

  1. Watch another child, other than their own, and find two good things he or she does in today’s match.
  2. Learn when to discuss the match. Don’t get into that post match analysis so quickly. Sometimes: just say nothing. Give your child a hug.
  3. Ask how the team did, not just your child. Get your child to talk about the team and the teammates.

Make sure that you as a parent accept your childs goals. Give back the ownership of their experience to the children. Let them have fun and enjoy being with their friends. Encourage them to create new solutions and to enjoy the excitement. Let them fail. And learn from failure. The children don’t need that much advice, cause they’d like to figure it out themselves. In the end of the day, all they need to hear their parents say is ”I love to watch you play”.

Fair Play Trophy

Fair Play Trophy is awarded to multiple teams participating in the Gothia Cup. In order to be nominated the team must demonstrate a particularly good behaviour during the tournament. Players and leaders must act in an exemplary manner towards both opponents as referees and other officials. To be nominated, even the team’s supporters have to spread good energy and contribute to a good atmosphere around the team, and its matches.

The teams will be nominated by the referees as well as the match delegates. But it's also possible for a team to nominate its opponents after a match – inform the referee that you would like to nominate your opponent to Fair Play Trophy with a short comment on why this team is a great Celebrate the Game ambassador and contributes to the Gothia Cup spirit both on and off the pitch.

The Fair Play Trophy award ceremony takes place Friday 19th of July at noon, at SKF Arena, Gothia Heden Center.

Here are the winners of 2019:
Hoops (LIB), Eskilsminne IF (SWE), Lyn Fotball (NOR) and Prep School Pumas (ENG).

Match delegates

In order to maintain Fair Play, we believe it is important that there are always people on site to observe and report. During Gothia Cup there are Match delegates in place on our playing areas to support the players, coaches, referees and officials.

Referee observers

To help referees to develop, feel safe and motivated, we have referee observers on all match areas. The focus is on young and new referees that together with the observer can evaluate their efforts and continue to develop.

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