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New final schedule and a new final arena

From 2019 all the finals in the Gothia Cup will be played on Saturday during the week. This means that the A-finals will be played at both Gamla Ullevi and SKF Arena at Heden.

Since the tournament is growing form year to year the number of games the teams needs to play before reaching the finals has also grown. To make sure that all teams have enough time to play all their games the finals that previously been played on Friday will be move to Saturday.

You can see the new preliminary schedule for the finals below.

Gamla Ullevi
08.30 G15
09.45 B15
11.00 G16
12.20 B16
13.40 G17E
15.00 B17E
16.20 G18
17.40 B18

SKF Arena
10.00 G12
11.15 B12
12.30 G13
13.45 B13
15.00 G14
16.15 B14

The B-finals will as previously years be played at Heden on Saturday.

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Bright future for Gothia Cup China

Last week five representatives from the Chengyang government of Chinese city Qingdao, the city where Gothia Cup China is staged, visited the Gothia Cup head quarters in Gothenburg.  Together with representatives of Gothia Cup Sweden they evaluated this year’s tournament in China and discussed future development.

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For the first time ever, the Swedish Football Association, in collaboration with Kiwa Inspecta, has handed out the award “Young Judge of the Year”. 19-year-old Jennifer Björnler from Umeå is one of the winners, and she is convinced that the Gothia Cup is one of the reasons she was chosen for the award.
“To be a referee at Gothia Cup was very rewarding,” says Jennifer Björnler.

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PUMA is the new official sports brand of Gothia Cup

Gothia Cup and PUMA have signed one of largest agreements in the industry in Scandinavia. Through a long term deal the partners are heading forward towards new successes.
“PUMA, with their courage and ability to do the unexpected, fits perfectly into Gothia Cup’s identity where we find our own way to keep developing the world’s largest youth tournament”, says Thomas Andersson, Director of Sales at Gothia Cup.

PUMA is one of the leading brands in the football industry and as the organizer of the world’s largest football tournament, Gothia Cup holds an important role in the global football community. From 2019, PUMA will join the world youth cup for new successes, through a partnership that demonstrates sustainability and long-term.
In addition to becoming the official sports brand for Gothia Cup, the tournament’s two elite classes, boys and girls 17, will from now on be presented by PUMA – Gothia PUMA Trophy.
“This fits right into our target group. The goal is that the Gothia PUMA Trophy will be a global event with young people, football and music in focus and we aim to invite partner clubs such as AC Milan, Olympique de Marseille and Borussia Dortmund to the tournament”, says Rutger Hagstad, Head of Marketing at PUMA Nordic.
The new cooperation captures the values shared by the parties in health, community engagement and human rights.
“PUMA shares the commitment for respect and equality with Gothia Cup and with PUMA as our official sports brand we will become stronger in our work for everyone’s equal rights as well as everyone’s opportunity to play football and have an active leisure, says Thomas Andersson, sales manager at BK Häcken.

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Gothia Cup’s new volunteers have left Sweden to spend the next six month at our sports school in Congo-Brazzaville. At CF Gothia they will support the leaders in the daily activities.

Around 300 children attend to our sports school in Brazzaville. After school, the children go to CF Gothia to play football, beach volleyball and practice gymnastics. In conjunction with training, the children participate in social activities, with education in the school’s ten hallmarks as welll as lectures in life lessons: physiology and puberty, gender-based violence, hygiene and discrimination – subjects that are taboo in many households.
CF Gothia runs with local leaders in Brazzaville but every year two Swedish volunteers go to Congo-Brazzaville to support the leaders at the school. Last week this year’s volunteers left Sweden for an experience of a lifetime.
Elin Weman is 19 years old, from Nävlinge in southern Sweden and she’s an elite wrestler. She’s excited to widen her world in a totally different environment and culture.
”I expect to get to know all the children and adolescents and learn a lot about Congo-Brazzaville and the Congolese people. I really look forward to live in a Congolese family. I love challenges and felt that this was a great opportunity”, Elin says.
Olof Lagerqvist is 24 years old and his ordinary work is in shipping and logistics in Gothenburg. He has played football since he was five years old and has a great interest in sports in general.
”With my experience in football, I look forward to find out how the same sport is played on a different continent. The big challenge will be to live in a different culture and I hope to learn a lot, about other people but also about my self. And I look forward to try a lot of new food!”, Olof says.

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