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What kind of football parent are you?

Encouragement, support and not least love – three important things to give to your children regardless if they win or loose on the pitch. Take the opportunity and take our football parent test which we hope will make parents reflect on their behavior around their children who participate in sports.

Gothia Cup has been working with the fairplay project Celebrate the Game for four years, where we in association with our Official Partner Länsförsäkringar want to create a positive, fair, supportive and kind environment during a match. This time we focus on the football parents. This years Celebrate the Game campaign were launched a few days ago with a short film that high lights what the youth want and need from their parents when playing. Your behavior as parents can have great importance on how your children experience their sport – probably more than you think. The purpose of this test is to encourage parents to reflect on their behavior around children who participate in sports. Let the children play their sport and have fun with it – share their happiness when they’re happy and comfort and support them when they’re down. Simply be their mums and dads.

Take the test here!

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