Impressive display from Tsubaki - Gothia Cup

Impressive display from Tsubaki

In a very close game between Japanese side ASLJ FC and French side FO Valesia 1 at Backavallen, the highlight of the game was the performance of Tsubaki, a girl playing with the boys in ASLJ FC. She put in a impressive performance against very good side who won their first game 11-1.

ASLJ FC stands for Amazing Sports Lab Japan and are an academy team. With players from different cities in Japan. When they’re playing in Japan they’re often playing as a mixed team, with both boys and girls. Keisuke, one of the players explain.

“The gender doesn’t matter”, he says.

They have two teams competing in this year’s tournament. One in the Boys 11 category, and one in the Boys 12. In their Boys 12 team Tsubaki stands out as the only female player in the team, but showed in their game against Fo Valesia 1 that she keeps up with the boys. Being good both defensively and with the ball.

“It’s harder playing against boys, but it’s a lot of fun”, she says.

The two players are visiting Gothenburg to play Gothia Cup for the first time, and enjoys being here playing in the tournament. Watching the game, you get the feeling that the same goes for the rest of the squad. Even though the result may not be what they want, the players on the bench, the leaders and supporters are seemingly enjoying it as well. With the atmosphere being very good and relaxed in the sunshine at Backavallen.

“It’s very exciting to be here in Gothenburg for the first time and to play against teams from different nations”, says Keisuke.

Tsubaki agrees.

“Yes, it’s a lot of fun. It’s a famous tournament, the biggest in the world for youths”, she says.

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