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Gothia Cup relies on cooperation

Gothia Cup need help from clubs around Gothenburg to make the tournament work, and are therefore cooperating with several clubs in the city. Hisingsbacka FC is one of these clubs, and they explain how the cooperation is mutually beneficial.

The staff at Hisingsbacka FC, the youth players, and some senior players at the club are working hard to make sure the tournament runs smoothly at the three pitches they have at their disposal at Backavallen. Hosting several games each day. Gunilla Dahlin explains how the cooperation between their club and the tournament is beneficial.

“It has some economic benefits that we can reinvest in our youth players and its good for the area that teams from all over the world come here to play, it creates a strong sense of community, she says.

She adds that it’s not just the area in which they operate that benefits from the sense of community that the tournament brings, but also the club itself. The work the club does during the tournaments brings the people associated with the club closer together as well.

“We work very hard during the week, and everybody helps each other out”, she says.

This year Hisingsbacka FC participate with five teams the tournament. In the Boys 12, Boys 13, Boys 14, Boys 15 and Boys 18 categories respectively. Linda Ankner who also works at the club, explains how Gothia Cup is a highlight for the youth players in the club who get to play in the tournament.

“They think it’s a lot of fun to play the international teams, they look forward to it each year”, she says.

She also think that being part of the tournament is beneficial in terms of making youths who want to begin playing football chose to play with them instead of joining other teams.

“I think a lot of youths want to play in the Gothia Cup, and when they know we’re involved it makes us an attractive choice”, says Linda Ankner.

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