Determined girls from Belarus aim high - Gothia Cup

Determined girls from Belarus aim high

The 14 year old girls from FSCDM Minsk likes to travel, and they have done it a lot. Now they’re back at Gothia Cup – this time to win it. “This is the highlight of the summer”, says the players.

The team is very happy when they leave the pitch at Ruddalen. Why? Because they had just won against Saltsjöbaden with 3–0. Three very important points in the race of reaching path A of the finals.

“I’m not happy yet. I know how we can play and if we’re gonna have the chance to win the gold medal we have to show more than this. We have met really good teams, much better than we expected in the group stage. Only victories so far but it’s been tough”, says head coach Andrei Maknach.

Except for a great week with lots of laughs they are here for one thing. They want to win the Gothia Cup gold medal.

“Of course that is what we want. This year we only have girls born in 2005 and 2006. You’re allowed to have to girls born in 2004, so that could be an advantage for our opponent. Physically that could make a big difference”, says Maknach and the players agree.

What’s the best about your team?

“We are very friendly in this team. We don’t blame each other, we support each other. That is a big strength for us”, says one of the girls.

What do you think about the week at Gothia Cup?

“They are surprised and happy about a lot of things here. In our country we don’t have the same facilities as it is here. It is very modern here with all things. Also the play is a very high level. We have traveled a lot around in other countries to tournaments with this team, and we think it is very good games and opponents at Gothia Cup”, says the coach.

Is Gothia Cup the highlight of the summer?

“Yes indeed. This Gothia Cup week gives a mark for a full year work. It shows if our work have been good or not.”

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