Congratulations to the swans of Denmark! - Gothia Cup

Congratulations to the swans of Denmark!

Gothia Cup is proud to announce that Team Odense Q (G15 and G18) are the winners of this year’s “most outstanding outfit” price during the opening ceremony.

The Danish team’s beautiful swan charmed the jury and won them the price in this year’s costume contest.

”The swan is Denmark’s national animal and in our team’s logo”, says Caroline Hansen, one of the players on the team.

Transporting the big bird to Sweden turned out to be something of a hassle. Carefully, not to damage it, they had to put on the double bed in the train wagon, which also meant that some of them had to find other places to get some rest until it was delivered.

But as it turns out – it was worth the effort. The club wins free participation in Gothia Cup 2020 for up to 20 players. When asked if they want to compete again, the answer is straight forward.

“Of course!” says player Josefine Ladegourdie.

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