34 goals in one match – Sävedalens IF is up and running - Gothia Cup

34 goals in one match – Sävedalens IF is up and running

With 4341 matches to be played, you can be sure to witness lots of goals during Gothia Cup 2019. But so far one team stands out – Sävedalens IF. Why? They scored 34 goals in one game.

The Swedes in the Boys 18 class are on top in the category of scoring the most goals in a single game. And it’s clear they are aiming for a place in the Play Off A, starting Wednesday evening.
“We have a good game plan, and we’ll stick to it. For sure”, says Filip Granat

Today’s game against Brazilian InterClubes turned out to be tougher. The boys from South America scored the only goal on an early penalty kick and worked their defence well for the rest of the game. And despite being in control of the ball possession, Sävedalens IF were unable to find the back of the net.     
“After the first goal they managed to shut us out and make it very hard for us”, says Linus Tingstrand from Sävedalens IF.

One win and one loss, that means the Swedish team still has it all in their own hands with one match to go. But todays defeat means a tougher schedule in a possible play off.   
“If we win the last game, we will probably end up on the second place in the group. That means we have to play 1/64-finals the same night, instead of moving directly to 1/32-finals. The first spot would have been better”, says Linus Tingstrand.

So, even after a very big win in the opening game, there is no time for relaxing just yet.    
“We need to head back home and get ready for tomorrow”, says Linus Tingstrand.

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