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Three American academies to Gothia PUMA Trophy (G17)

When the eight teams that have been handpicked and invited to participate in the G17 tournament in this years Gothia PUMA Trophy are being presented, one can see that there are three academies from USA.

The three teams are NorCal, Lake Norman and Minnesota Thunder. NorCal from California was participants in the tournament last year. These teams are all invited to give the Swedish teams as good of an international match as possible.

Midst the other partaking academies is the German team Bayer Leverkusen and Jef United Chiba from Japan.

Following are the foreign G17 academies that are taking place in this year PUMA Trophy.

  1. NorCal Premier, USA
  2. Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Germany
  3. Sant Gabriel, Spain
  4. Lake Norman, USA
  5. FC PKKU, Finland
  6. Minnesota Thunder Academy, USA
  7. Jef United Chiba, Japan
  8. Stabaek, Norway

It is decided that FC Rosengård, Umeå IK, AIK, Kristianstads DFF, Växjö DFF, Eskilstuna United DFF, Kvarnsvedens IK and Djurgårdens IF are the teams invited to represent Sweden during the tournament.

The teams will get divided into six groups with two Swedish and two foreign football clubs in each group. The group division will be executed and presented within the near future. 

Gothia PUMA Trophy:

Gothia PUMA Trophy is a talent tournament for 17-year old’s which is a part of Gothia Cup. 24 teams, twelve from Sweden and twelve foreign teams, are invited to participate in the B17-tournament and 16 teams (8+8) in the G17 class. The teams are divided into groups where the group winner and the runner-up qualifies for the A-playoffs. 

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