The joy of organizing an SKF Meet the World tournament - Gothia Cup

The joy of organizing an SKF Meet the World tournament

Despite Belgium’s great football history, the country will be represented at the Gothia Cup as an SKF Meet the World team for the very first time. “It’s about time for us to show our football skills and participate in this year’s competition!”, says the Belgian SKF-employees Patrick Peters and Kim Boschmans.

In spite of the size of the competition, Patrick Peters and Kim Boschmans were inspired by the challenge to organise a Meet the World tournament.

“We have seen so many great pictures passing by over the last few years and really dreamt to initiate Meet the World in our local organisation”, says Kim Boschmans.  

Finally last year, they successfully organised two Meet the World pre-tournaments and a final, where one team qualified to represent SKF Belgium at the Gothia Cup 2019.

 “Organising a ‘Meet the World’ tournament, with not that much football experience in our pocket, felt like an enormous challenge for us”, Kim explains.

They decided to consult a Portuguese SKF colleague and listen to her experiences. 

“After that talk, we were even more enthusiastic to set up the competition”, Patrick adds.
They started looking for organisations loaded with football experience and more specifically partners who could help to generate traffic towards the right target groups. 

And they found the perfect match. Together with Sporting Hasselt, a Belgian Football club, SKF Belgium have created an alliance that will give kids a chance to broaden their horizons and travel to Sweden for a once in a lifetime opportunity!

After the final in Belgium, in the beginning of January 2019, they felt so rewarded that they can’t wait to start preparing for next year. 

“The smiling faces and all the participants’ will to win gave us such a warm feeling! So next time, we are coming back for more.”

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