Gothia PUMA Trophy presents the Swedish teams for G17 - Gothia Cup

Gothia PUMA Trophy presents the Swedish teams for G17

Gothia PUMA Trophy is proud to present this year’s eight Swedish teams for G17. They will compete against eight specially invited foreign teams, in the perhaps most prestigious competition class during Gothia Cup.

This year’s Swedish teams are FC Rosengård, Umeå IK, AIK, Kristianstads DFF, Växjö DFF, Eskistuna United DFF, Kvarnsvedens IK and Djurgårdens IF. The purpose of Gothia PUMA Trophy is to give the teams an opportunity to compete against high level opponents and to provide international games for the Swedish teams. But also to offer the Gothia Cup visitors entertaining youth football of the highest class. 

The Swedish teams are invited by Elitfotboll Dam, EFD, while Gothia Cup invites the foreign teams. This year’s foreign teams will be announced later during spring. 

Gothia Cup is held July 14th-20th. The final in Gothia PUMA Trophy is played at Gamla Ullevi on Saturday July 20th. Previous champions include clubs such as Paris Saint-Germain, QBIK, FC Rosengård and the American Nor Cal. Reigning champion is Japanese Tokyo Verdy. 

The Swedish teams in Gothia PUMA Trophy 2019

FC Rosengård
Umeå IK
Kristianstads DFF
Växjö DFF
Eskilstuna United DFF
Kvarnsvedens IK
Djurgårdens IF

Gothia PUMA Trophy:

Gothia PUMA Trophy is a talent tournament for 17-year old’s which is a part of Gothia Cup. 16 teams, eight from Sweden and eight foreign teams, are invited to participate in the G17 class. The teams are divided into groups where the group winner and the runner-up qualifies for the A-playoffs. 

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