New final schedule and a new final arena - Gothia Cup

New final schedule and a new final arena

From 2019 all the finals in the Gothia Cup will be played on Saturday during the week. This means that the A-finals will be played at both Gamla Ullevi and SKF Arena at Heden.

Since the tournament is growing form year to year the number of games the teams needs to play before reaching the finals has also grown. To make sure that all teams have enough time to play all their games the finals that previously been played on Friday will be move to Saturday.

You can see the new preliminary schedule for the finals below.

Gamla Ullevi
08.30 G15
09.45 B15
11.00 G16
12.20 B16
13.40 G17E
15.00 B17E
16.20 G18
17.40 B18

SKF Arena
10.00 G12
11.15 B12
12.30 G13
13.45 B13
15.00 G14
16.15 B14

The B-finals will as previously years be played at Heden on Saturday.

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