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Greetings from CF Gothia in Congo Brazzaville!

Two months have passed since our volunteers at CF Gothia arrived in Congo and Brazzaville. We have received a greeting from Elin who tells us about the first couple of months. Read the letter here!


Now we have been here in Congo Brazzaville for two months! We’ve settled in and found a way of everyday life, the training is up and running and we have really found good routines. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we’ve been taking French lessons. The course ended last week and Olof has made good progress when it comes to understanding what people are saying, but it is still a bit tricky with the speech. It takes time to learn a whole new language, but he gets better and better and can speak with the help of English. Since I have already studied French, I feel that the level of the course is a bit too easy for me, but repeating the basics, together with the everyday speech in the family and at Gothia has made me able to develop my language as well.

When it comes to the training at Gothia, we have different responsibilities, I am responsible for physical training and I circulate in all groups, while Olof helps with the football. I have also learned a little bit about the gymnastics training and therefore help and teach the little children with basic gymnastics drills. After all, I am not a gymnast, but together with the other coaches’ help, I can contribute.

On Mondays, I play football with the oldest group, on Tuesdays I have some physics with the gymnastics group and on Wednesdays, I rest. On Thursdays I have gymnastics, Fridays I play football with the 14-year group and on Saturdays I have volleyball. It is fun to see how the coaches work. I also learn a lot about football, gymnastics, and volleyball which is a nice bonus.

This time of year there is very much malaria that circulates because of the rainy season. The mosquitos like the small puddles of rain on the roads. Right now, three of the coaches have malaria, but they still show up on the exercises. Malaria is really a part of life here, as soon as you see someone who is sick, it is malaria almost every time. During the last month, Olof has been ill, he had dengue fever for a whole week’s time. Dengue fever is almost like malaria, but it is not quite the same. It is called breakbone fever because it feels like all the bones in the body are breaking. Olof had a lot of pain, but visited the hospital together with our contact person Anne Sundberg and is now completely recovered. I have managed to stay away from illness very well and cross my fingers that I’ll keep doing that.

Outside Gothia, I have joined the choir Zola, that a sister in my family and also the mother (whom I have not met yet since she is in France) is part of. I’ve only been a few times and the songs are at Kikongo, so I don’t understand much, but it’s fun anyway. It feels important to make the most of my time here and see as many different things as possible.

A Bientot! / Elin”

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