Great atmosphere in Alingsås during the city’s Gothia Cup premiere - Gothia Cup

Great atmosphere in Alingsås during the city’s Gothia Cup premiere

During Gothia Cup 2018, the city of Alingsås was a part of the tournament for the first time ever. And the community was very appreciated, with its short distances and lovely environment.
“We managed to create a nice and positive image of Alingsås,” says Morgan Svensson, school staff at this years tournament.

At Nolhaga School in Alingsås, a few miles outside Gothenburg, more than 20 teams and their leaders stayed during the tournament. Together with three other hosts at the school, Morgan Svensson, 62, made sure that the guests felt at home.
“We got really close to everyone, it was great fun talking to them about their experiences and how it went in the football games every day,” says Morgan.

In Alingsås, about 150 teams from 15 nations stayed and played during the Gothia Cup week. Since the city is smaller than Gothenburg, there is walking distance to almost everything for many of the visitors, which was appreciated.
“Everyone at our school loved that it was so close to everything, even to the city center and to the bus station if they were to go to Gothenburg.”

In addition to the beautiful sports center Mjörnvallen, only 30 meters from the water, Alingsås has several charming parks that flourished during the tournament week. Morgan Svensson explains that the vast majority of Nolhagaskolans residents were very pleased with their stay.
“Our staff team at the school managed to create a great atmosphere and give the visitors a positive picture of Alingsås. It was incredibly fun.”

Alingsås will be part of Gothenburg even during next year’s tournament.

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