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Bright future for Gothia Cup China

Last week five representatives from the Chengyang government of Chinese city Qingdao, the city where Gothia Cup China is staged, visited the Gothia Cup head quarters in Gothenburg.  Together with representatives of Gothia Cup Sweden they evaluated this year’s tournament in China and discussed future development.

Both parties are very happy with this year’s edition of Gothia Cup China. The representatives from Qingdao expressed pride and joy over the first Gothia Cup arrangement in city, and the residents of iyngdao are thrilled. Now, with one year experience, the tournament will take steps forward and expand.

Representatives from Gothia Cup Sweden were in China during the tournament in August and met happy participants. They experienced a very professional arrangement in a very well working city for this type of event, a city that is similar to Gothenburg in many ways. Both with the proximity to the greenery and to the ocean. The accommodation in the schools is fantastic and the football fields are of high quality.

Among other things the representatives talked about how to take the the experience for the participants to the next level. As a part of that it was decided that 20 new football fields will be built for the tournament and football clubs in the city. The fields will be located side by side at one of the playing areas, and they’re expected to be ready when the tournament of 2019 opens.

Gothia Cup would like to thank the visitors from China for their visit and the great dialogue about future development of the tournament. We look forward to our continued cooperation and a bright future for Gothia Cup China.

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Li Hongbing

Sun Shuangqun

Wang Zhiming

Wang Hongjun

Zhu Mei

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