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Gothia Cup introduces nine-a-side football

In 2019, Gothia Cup introduces a new form of competition. B13/G13, boys and girls born 2006, will play nine-a-side football.

Starting 2019, nine-a-side football will be nationally regulated in Swedish youth football. Therefore, Gothia Cup introduces this new form of competition, which applies for Boys 13 and Girls 13 classes.

”Gothia Cup introduces nine-a-side football simply because we believe in the idea of smaller fields and fewer players on the pitch in the younger ages. We believe that this creates more ball touches per player, a higher speed of play and more suitable dimensions of the field”, says Niclas Freiholtz, Competition General.

Nine-a-side football at Gothia Cup will be played on fields that measure 72×55 meters. Furthermore, G13 and B13 will be played with eleven-a-side goals, ball size 4 and the same offside rule as for eleven-a-side football. The games in the groupstage and B Play Off will be played 2×20 minutes, and the games in the A Play Off are played 2×25 minutes.

Teams that register to either B13 or G13 class are allowed to have an unlimited number of players in the roster, however only seven substitutes are allowed per game.

One dispensation is given for one overaged player, who can be atmost one year too old.

For further information, please see Gothia Cup’s official regulations.

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