World Cup fever at Liseberg - Gothia Cup

World Cup fever at Liseberg

Both hopes and moods were high when Liseberg opened their gates to the players participating in Gothia Cup to watch the biggest game of the day: the World Cup final between France and Croatia.

Red, white and blue colours – on flags, faces and jerseys – took over the area in front of three screens that showed the match. And even though the two teams share colours, it was clear that the French combination was in majority.

Of course, they were joined by teams from all over the globe who decided to take the chance to watch the game on the big screens, and seats were in high demand approximately half an hour before kick off.

Gothia Cup took over Liseberg

A few ”Viva Hrvatska”- chants and a whole lot of ”Allez les Bleus”-chants later, the game was on. As the kick off whistle sounded, the area by the screens was almost overloaded by Gothia Cup players, and more kept coming throughout the game.

When France’s Antoine Griezmann took the free kick that went in via Mario Mandzukic’s head the mood went even higher, with supporters of France waving flags and running around in joy.

The French chants grew in volume and they didn’t stop – until ten minutes later, when Croatia’s Ivan Perisic equalised after a set piece. Then it was NK Bubamaras turn to celebrate, the only Croatian team to enter this years Gothia Cup, compared to 35 teams from France.

But the Croatian cheers only lasted for a few minutes, when France was awarded a penalty. Again – Griezmann by the ball, and again – an ear deafening French roar as he put it away.

“Second place still good result”

By halftime, France was in a comfortable lead, but Marko Kloubacarevic from NK Bubamara (B11) didn’t give up hope easily.

– I’m a bit disappointed about the first half. I hope we will win, maybe it will go to penalties and we’ll win there. If we lose, I’m still happy, because a second place in the World Cup is still a good result for a small country, he said during half time.

Unfortunately for Croatia and NK Bubamara, the dream of winning the trophy did not come true. A quarter in to the second half, Pogba scored 3-1, and the ”Allez les Bleus” kept coming.

Marko Kloubacarevic from NK Bubamara believes his team is ready for the tournament.

“I want to jump into a fountain”

Soon after, the obvious favourite player among most onlookers at Liseberg (by judging of the many chants) Kylian Mbappé added to the lead. And even though Croatia pulled a goal back, the French supporters were already celebrating.

Two of them were Rio Saint Surin and Noah Yalcin from French team FC Saint Brice (B11), who stayed a bit to celebrate the win.

– We are very happy over the French victory. Last time was 20 years ago, when I wasn’t even born, said Noah Yalcin.

– I want to party all night, and I want to jump into a fountain, said Rio Saint Surin about their planned celebration, before another cheer broke out from the team.

Noah Yalcin and Rio Saint Surin from FC Saint Brice (B11) celebrates France’s World Cup win.

Ready for their game

All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon to kick off this week’s games, and though everyone wasn’t pleased with the result, it was a moment to cherish thanks to the great atmosphere.

For Marko Kloubacarevic and his team a match awaits tomorrow, one they are ready for.

– Tomorrow is our first game, I’m very excited and I will try to do my best on the pitch. We’ve trained hard and I think we are ready to get a very good result.

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