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We have a new Gothia eCup champion!

What a final we got to see! It was two under dogs that qualified for the final. Paulo Neto from Brazil and Oliver “Ollibolli” Uttgren from Sweden. The final was played over two games and wow, so many goals.

Both players had qualified for the tournament online. Paulo by PlayStation and Oliver by Xbox. The first of two games was played on PlayStation. Paulo got a dream start and scored 1–0 directly.

First half ended 3–1 and it looked like a walk in the park for Paulo after he scored 4–1 in the beginning of second half. Oliver decided to change tactic and what a return we got!

– It wasn’t so smooth on the field and I needed more speed. So I changed some players to get that speed, says Oliver.

Suddenly the scoreboard showed 4–5, despite the game console. The game on PlayStation ended 5–6 for Oliver and it was a tight fight going in to the second game. But a smal advantage for Oliver because it was time for the Xbox game.

– It was the first time I played on PlayStation so I was afraid to lose big, says Oliver.

And it was no question about who the best player on Xbox was. Oliver took an easy lead in the beginning of the game and the score after first half was 1–0. Paulo manage to get a goal with five minutes left but it was too late.

The total score after two games was 9–6 for Oliver who is our new Gothia eCup champion 2018!

– I don’t think I understand what just happened yet. I know that I had a chance to win but there is so many good players. I think I will get it better tomorrow, says Oliver.


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