Two popular teams ready for the final - Gothia Cup

Two popular teams ready for the final

Four team were up against each other at Heden next to the dramatic finals. Two semi finals and to completely different games. And the teams that qualified had two different gameplays.

It was time for the semi finals for boys 17. The stands at SKF Arena were completely full and the crowd had to stand up to fit everybody. The first game were IFK Göteborg against FC Tokyo.

The game had quite slow pace. FC Tokyo had the most possession but in the middle of the field and the defenders of IFK Göteborg manage to keep FC Tokyo out of the penalty area. And it was IFK Göteborg that took the lead through Marcus Thörnqvist.

– Always important to score the first goal. It was amazing for the crowd, says Marcus.

Second half continued in the same pace as the first. FC Tokyo moved the ball a lot, but still most in the middle of the field. IFK Göteborg were very organized and FC Tokyo didn’t get so much space on the field. They manage to create a few good scoring chances but through free kicks and corners. IFK Göteborg controlled the game and won with 2–0.

– Feels so good to be in the final! It was a though game but we fought together and had a great defensive. It will be insane to play the final tomorrow and we will fight as hard, says Marcus.

Full speed ahead

The second game of the night was between the two teams from Africa that had charmed the crowd during the week. Right to Dream from Ghana and ASEC from Ivory coast. And it was full speed ahead from the beginning compared with the previous semi final. Both created some good scoring chances and the game went up and down through the field. Right to Dream manage to score 1–0 just before half time.

The players didn’t show any signs of slowing down in the second half. Right to Dream created more and more pressure on ASECs who struggled to get the ball off their half of the field.

The pressure from Right to Dream were effective. Gadafi Fuseini scored 2–0 and Kamaldeed Sulenjana scored 3–0 just a minute later with a great solo ride. That was also the end result.

– It’s normal to score a goal like that. It was a good game but I’m so tired now. We won the game against ASEC last year and new that they would come for it now, says Kamaldeed.

Tomorrow is the big final. IFK Göteborg and Right to Dream met in the group stage in a game that ended 1–0 for Right to Dream. Will the team with a strong defensive or the team with a strong attack win the game tomorrow, that’s the big question!

– We won the group so they will push hard to get the win tomorrow. The crowd motivates us but it’s going to be a though game, says Kamaldeed.

*The final is played at Gamla Ullevi at 3.00 pm. 

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