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To Gothia Cup with Premier League experience

He is one of the most experienced persons in this years Gothia Cup. Bob Dobson has many seasons behind him in Premier League and The Championship as a paramedic at Quees Park Rangers. 

Many players in Gothia Cup dream about a future career in a Premier League team and for some it might become real in five, ten or fifteen years. Bob Dobson has already been there several years. For the last 25 years he has been a paramedic at the London based football club Queens Park Rangers.

He started working for the club in the middle of the 90’s when QPR was a Premier League team. He then stayed after the relegation and was still there when QPR were back in Premier League 2011 and 2014.

He also brings four colleagues – the paramedics Michael Light, Bonnie Joyce and Paul Spencer as well as the cardiac techichan Sarah Mills. All five work within the National Health System as well at QPR at matchdays.

“Our team also works at the QPR academy for players from 8 years old to 18 years old. And also the under 23’s. We are only there for the matches unlike the physios who are there running treatment all week”, Bob Dobson says.

Now they have been invited by the tournament director Lena Rönnefors to work during Gothia Cup.

“None of us have been to the Gothia Cup before, so that will be a new and great experience for us. We are hoping that we will give a little extra medical backup during the busiest part of the event”.

Dobson also give a promise to the participants in the tournament.

“We will also be able to give out some QPR souvenirs to anyone who wants them”, Dobson says.

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