The team from Norway feels lika a fish in the water in Kungsbacka - Gothia Cup

The team from Norway feels lika a fish in the water in Kungsbacka

Gothia Cup means Kungsbacka for SK Sprint-Jeløy from Norway. Some of them are here for the first time and some have been here before. But they have one thing in comment, they don’t want to play in another area.

Maja Nitter and Christina Andersen plays in girls 14, which is the only girl team from the club. Their team finished third in the group and they are here for the first time. That are quite happy with their game despite the results and thinks is nice to play in Kungsbacka.

– It’s cosy here! It’s easy to get a good picture of the area and that’s great because then we find each other quick and we can see a lot of games at the same time, says Maja.

– Yes, it’s fun to hang with the rest of the teams and see them play. I wouldn’t want to play anywhere else, says Christina.

Kungsbacka is located about thirty minutes with car south of Gothenburg. The city have been a part of the tournament for fifteen years. The games are played at Inlag were you find ten different fields. The teams stays at schools around the city and the tournament brings attention from the locals.

Maja och Christinas team, girls 14

SK Sprint-Jeløy brings nine team in different age group this year. Øyvind Høgmo coaches boys 14 and this is his third time at Gothia Cup. The first time he was here was in 2001 and the club have played in Kungsbacka each time.

– I think this is the eleventh time the clubs stays at Kungsbacka during the tournament. It’s an incredible environment for both players, us coaches and the parents that travels along with the team. The reception is great every year, I haven’t thought about staying somewhere else, says Øyvind.

The club have their own price ceremony when the big opening ceremony takes place. All the team from the club is gathered and they hand out special prices like “best sportsmanship” and “the most confused one”. After the games they play a lot of football together and cheer for each other.

– It’s a great fellowship between the teams. The older ones takes care of the younger ones. And the younger ones are not afraid to hand with the ones that are older, says Øyvind.

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