The city of Alingsås is ready for historical Gothia Cup week - Gothia Cup

The city of Alingsås is ready for historical Gothia Cup week

For the first time in history the city of Alingsås will be one of the sites where Gothia Cup games will be played. With one week left until the first arrivals the city is prepared and ready for a big football celebration.
– We can hardly wait, says Lennart Svahn, site manager in Alingsås.

A few miles outside of Gothenburg we find the city of Alingsås. The city celebrates 400 years next year, it’s an old town, but this will be the first year as a member of the Gothia Cup-family. This year 150 teams from 15 nations will stay and play football in Alingsås during the week.

Lennart Svahn is representing the sports association Alingsås Idrottförening (AIF) and is the one who initiated the project of making Alingsås a Gothia Cup city. He works as a coordinator and Site manager on the Gothia Cup project.
– This is a huge thing, I don’t even think that the people of Alingsås realize how big this is, says Lennart Svahn.

How have you been preparing since it was decided that Gothia Cup was moving in to Alingsås?
– It’s been a lot of work, but we’ve got a lot of support and dedication from many of the citizens. Especially the local authority of Alingsås, they’ve been a big help. And also a lot of other sports associations in the city.

How many people will come and visit Alingsås during the week?
– We think it will com about 20 000 people. It’s great!

What can the visitors look forward to when they arrive?
– We have a very nice stadium down by the beach, Mjörnvallen, only 30 metres between the sand and the spectators stand. Also, the authority of Alingsås made a lot of effort to freshen up the city and the parks with flower arrangements and so on.

How excited are you that we’re almost there?
– We are all so excited. We are close to 300 staff members that look forward to welcoming the teams. And of course, we are a bit nervous too, since this is our first time. But it will be so much fun!


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