Take the chance to compete in the Gothia eCup final - Gothia Cup

Take the chance to compete in the Gothia eCup final

On Thursday, the Gothia eCup final kicks off – six players are already qualified for the virtual football tournament, but you could take one of the last two places for the final.

In the Gothia eCup area in the middle of Heden Center, dozens of games are played every hour.

The matches are played in FIFA 18, on Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles, and the area is soon ready to host the second edition of the Gothia eCup final.

There, eight players will compete to lift the trophy on Thursday, as the virtual football tournament is concluded.

Two places up for grabs

Seven players from all around the globe have already qualified – three from Brazil, two from Sweden, one from the Netherlands and one from Scotland.

The last finalist qualifies through the Wildcard challenge, which is also held at Heden Center. And since one of the Brazilian players unfortunately couldn’t make it, there are two places up for grabs.

– Everybody between 12-18 years old is welcome to take the chance to compete for a place in the finals. And if you qualify, you will get to meet some of the best players in the world, flown in from different parts of the world, said Joel Hildingsson from Gothia eCup.

Three qualifications have already been held, and two more are left – one on Tuesday at 15:00 and one on Wednesday at 11:00.

The Gothia eCup area at Heden Center.

A chance to become a professional?

At 15:00 on Wednesday it’s time for the Wildcard challenge, where 14-16 players compete for the two remaining places in the final on Thursday.

– It’s a huge achievement to play in the final. Clubs and organisations are keeping an eye on this tournament, and it could be your way in to becoming a professional FIFA player, said Joel Hildingsson.

One of the players that will participate in the final of the wildcard challenge is Swedish national team player Ollelito.

– I think that speaks to the overall quality of the Wildcard final tomorrow.

So head over to the Gothia eCup area at Heden Center today or tomorrow for a chance to take a place in the big final!

Swedish national team player “Ollelito” is already qualified for the Wildcard challenge.

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