Popular tv show recorded during Gothia Cup - Gothia Cup

Popular tv show recorded during Gothia Cup

Three seasons have already been aired – the fourth season of the popular British tv show Jamie Johnson will partly be recorded during Gothia Cup.

”It is going to be such an experience that all the team is looking forward to”, the central character Louis Dunn says.

2016 was the premiere episode och Jamie Johnson aired at Children’s BBC and the dramashow has been a big success with millions of viewers. The tv show has also been exported to several other countries and recently SVT bought the rights to send it in Sweden.

The main character in the show is Jamie Johnson and is played by the 14 year old Louis Dunn. Jamie is a maverick player with a lot of temper and he is struggling to find a way to leave his personal issues in the dressing room. It is an aspirational drama that aims to examine the reality of what it takes to make it as a young footballer and the life lessons the sport teaches in return.

Stars and profiles like Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez, Jürgen Klopp, Marcus Rashford, Gary Lineker and Ruud Gullit have participated in earlier episodes of the show.

The team Jamie Johnson plays for is Phoenix FC in the Boys 14 category. The team will play their group stage matches at Grimbo, but they will also record scenes in Alingsås as well as during other actives the team will do.

“I am incredibly excited to come over and play in Gothia Cup. It is going to be such an experience that all the team is looking forward to!”, Louis Dunn, who also has got the prestigious assignment to be the English flag-bearer at the opening ceremony on Monday, says.

The executive producer Sam Talbot explains why the production team behind the team chose Gothia Cup.

“Why not? We are always challenging ourselves on the show, and what better that the World Youth Championships. It will give a whole new dimension to the show, where are cast and team will play for real and the drama will be filmed all around the activities taking place during this incredible week”, he says.

How will the actors handle to play against real teams?

“Hopefully well. It is going to be tough as we don’t have a big squad, but they are up for it. Of course we are not going to fake these games or interfere with their outcome in any way. All our actors can play to a good standard and will play for real.”

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