Pia Sundhage enjoys football at Gothia Cup - Gothia Cup

Pia Sundhage enjoys football at Gothia Cup

Pia Sundhage former coach for both the Swedish and American national women team is now coach for the Swedish national girls team. She has been watching the girls during the week and enjoyed some good football. We met her to see what she thinks about this years tournament.

The stands at SKF Arena is crowded. The girls 17 plays their quarter finals and the success team from Tokyo Verdy is up against FC Rosengård from Malmö. Pia Sundhage sits on the stand and is ready to enjoy a great game.

– The Japanese girls have played best in the tournament. They move the ball best and are very comfortable with it. I hope FC Rosengård gets inspired by the way they play, says Pia.

Her focus have been girls 17 during the week but have been watching some games from girls 15 too. She thinks it’s very positive that the players gets to play against different countries and gameplays.

– It’s been mixed quality of the games. I think the teams from foreign countries have shown great technique. It’s great that the girls gets to play against different gameplays, says Pia.

How do you think the Swedish teams stands against the foreign teams?

– I think the foreign countries have better technique above all. And they are very comfortable with the ball. Sweden has always had good physics on an international level and I hope that trend continues.

What do you hope to contribute to the girls in a youth age?

– I think I know what it takes to reach a high level and I want to be a reflection. There are a lot of girls that want to reach the top but the questions is how many that manage to keep up the hard work for a long time. It’s a great tool if you know how to tackle a setback. I also hope to inspire more to train by their own, which is great for their technique.

What do you think is the best part with Gothia Cup?

– It’s a football party! We say that everyone is different and that different is good. Here are all different. Different ages, gender and from different countries. You can really experience so much if you love football. That is the thing I like the most, says Pia.


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