Lithuania big winner in Gothia Special Olympics Trophy - Gothia Cup

Lithuania big winner in Gothia Special Olympics Trophy

During Thursday, the finals in Gothia Special Olympics Trophy took place on Heden. The final day offered drama, penalties, joy – and two trophies for Lithuanian teams.

After the group stage on Kviberg during Tuesday and Wednesday, ten of the 25 participating teams had grabbed a spot in the finals. And since it’s was the finals, intensity was high and the games were even.

In the first pair of matches in the finals, which were played side by side, Special Olympics Lithuania met Parasport Denmark (group A), while Special Olympics Latvia took on Swedish Fässbergs IF Lila (group B).

The first halves offered few goals, but soon the Baltic teams took off and scored several goals – that meant victory over their Nordic opponents and a title each.

Drama in Klinten vs. Stuvsta

It was also even in the pair of finals next in line, which only featured Swedish teams.

In the first half of the group C final, BK Sport took the lead early against opponent Långared and score twice more in second half. The team screamed in joy as the final whistle blew.

In the finals for group D, between Klinten and Stuvsta, the score was 0-0 for a long period. Stuvsta took the lead late in the second half with a precise tap-in, before Klinten fought their way back and equalized with one minute left on the clock.

Penalties awaited – something that was good for Stuvsta as they had practiced a lot on that, playing coach Marcus Ljungberg siad.

”It was very even game. Although they equalized in the end, I knew that we would win on penalties, as we have a very good goalkeeper and very good penalty takers,” he said after the game.

After putting away both their penalties, while Klinten missed theirs, Stuvsta could celebrate the victory.

Marcus also thanked the audience, whcih mostly consisted of Stuvsta girls teams.

”We’ve been to their games and cheering, and they at ours. It’s a lovely feeling,” says Marcus Ljungberg.

Marcus Ljungberg from Stuvsta.

Two trophies for Lithuania

Lastly, the Unified class was up. Both Russia or Lithuania had the chance to take the first title in the class, which was new for the year.

Lithuania both scored on a penalty and well placed shot in the second half, before Russia reduced the score. Good defending meant that Lithuania was able to secure the final result 3-1 and with that the nation’s second trophy.

Shortly after the last game, it was time for the award ceremonies. There, every participating team entered the stage in order to get a medal from Kim Källström, the tournaments founder, and Dennis Andersson, General Secretary for Gothia Cup. To the tones of Queen the teams that placed first, second and third in their group all got trophies.

BK Sport at the awards.

Kim Källström on the future

Kim Källström says that he is proud over the successful week, even though it feels a bit empty when it’s over.

”It’s been lovely weather and many laughs, a great week in all categories. It was fun to have a small opening ceremony on Kviberg. The fact that Edvin (player in participating Grunden Bois) got to read the Oath during the big ceremony is a small landmark for this class,” he said after the awards.

He is also happy that he new class Unified was included for the first time, and even if there isn’t any new changes planned for next year’s tournament, Kim Källström wants to continue the work to integrate GSOT more into Gothia Cup.

”This year, we changed name and logo to get the real Gothia Cup feeling. Min great vision has always been that this should be an international klass in Gothia Cup. Not a tournament in the tournament, but a natural part. Every year we take a step closer.

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