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G16: Convincing Norwegians win in Scandinavian final

Icelandic Valur entered Gamla Ullevi and the G16 final with eight straight wins – but Norwegian Tiller 1 proved to be the better team, scoring all their four goals in the first half.

Tiller 1 started the game in a higher gear than their opponents, hitting the crossbar just after a few minutes and dominating possession throughout the first half.

The intensity would soon pay off, as the Norwegian team found themselves in a great attacking position high up the left side of the pitch.

From there, the ball was played in to Lise Finsrud, who placed the ball just between the crossbar and the keeper, all to the tunes of the Tiller supporters self-composed songs about winning the Gothia Cup.

Halfway through the first half, the left side proved to be fruitful for Tiller again, when a similar scenario as in the first goal played out. This time, Andrea Broholm was the one striking the ball, burrowing it into the right corner of the goal.

Valur tried to answer, but Tiller put up a wall of defense everytime the Icelandic team entered their half and countered with confident passing.

The goals kept coming, as Tiller managed to score two goals within a minute – the first one on a precise through ball that set up Thale Hinsverk for an easy tap-in and the second one on a cross that allowed for another tap-in into open goal.

When everyone was ready for the break, Valur clawed one back with a lofted free kick that sailed it’s way over the keeper and into goal.

Coming into the second half with a lead of 4–1, Tiller looked like the apparent winner. It was all up to Valur to get back into the game, and they tried hard.

That in turn opened up areas for Tiller to operate in, who slowed down the ball tempo and played safer. A few times they sped up again, hitting the goal frame and forcing Valur’s keeper to several strong saves.

After a goal scoring bonanza in the first half, the second gave no new ones and Tiller could safely play out the rest of the game. The following awards ceremony may have been the loudest yet at Gamla Ullevi, with both players and supporters shouting in joy.

VALUR–TILLER 1 1–4 (1–4)
0–1 Lise Finsrud, 0–2 Andrea Sivertsen Broholm, 0–3 Thale Hinsverk, 0–4 Lise Finsrud, 1–4 Amanda Jacobsen Andradottir.
MVP: Tiril Olsen, Tiller 1.
Bookings, Valur: Ragna Gudrun Gudmundsdottir. Tiller 1: Mari Kristine Vik.
Referee: Marit Skurdal, Norge.

Linköping Kenty DFF 2 (SWE) 8–0 W
SKF Ghana (GHA) 1–1 D
Göteborgs FF (SWE) 6–0 W
Arna-Bjørnar (NOR) 2–0 W
Kvarnsvedens IK (SWE) 4–0 W
FC Staffanstorp (SWE) 4–0 W
Jitex Mölndal BK (SWE) 3–1 W
Enskede IK (SWE) 5–1 W
Valur (ISL) 4–1 W

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