G12: KFV Segeberg is the first winner of this years Gothia Cup - Gothia Cup

G12: KFV Segeberg is the first winner of this years Gothia Cup

The Girls 12 category was the first to kick off the finals at Gamla Ullevi on Friday, when German KFV Segeberg squared off against Swedish AIK FF. It was a close game with a lot of beautiful goals, where Segeberg stood as the winner.

KFV Segeberg, who won the G11 finals last year, had a great support during the first final of this years Gothia Cup – and that gave result.

Segeberg started with full speed ahead, but it was the Stockholm team that soon got a corner, with no result at first. But they stayed around Segebergs goal, passing it around before Bianca Tihi lobbed it over Segebergs keeper – 1–0.

A minute and a quick passing combination later, Bianca Tihi scored her second goal for the day in a open goal. Another minute, later she almost got her hattrick, but missed with inches.

A miss in the AIK defense allowed Segeberg to reduce 2–1 through Chiara Silberstorff, and the German team tried for an equalizer on a free kick, but was denied. AIK then quickly scored another, with a tap in from Elin Nordstrand following a well played corner.

The four quick goals were followed by a lull, at least considering the scoring. Segeberg came close after an AIK defender almost scored an own goal, but the Swedish team was saved that time saved by the crossbar.

Segeberg started the second half in the same way as they ended the last, when Rieke Sterner made her second goal. That apparently awoke something in AIK, who took back the lead with 4–3. The German team answered with another equalizer and soon after AIK started to push on with several dangerous corners, but was met with good defense from Segeberg.

With only minutes left on the clock Lea Osbahr gave Segeberg their first lead of the match – which also decided the final score.

0–1 Bianca Tihi, 0–2 Bianca Tihi, 1–2 Chlara Silberstorff, 1–3 Elin Nordstrand, 2–3 Rieke Sterner, 3–3 Rieke Sterner, 3–4  Stella Uppfeldt, 4–4 Melina Bünning, 5–4 Lea Osbahr.
Yellow card, KFV Segeberg: Kaja Kienitz.
MVP: Rieke Sterner, KFV Segeberg.
Referee: Kajtaz Muslija, Karlshamn.

IF Brommapojkarna 1 (SWE) 12–2 W
Lillestrøm SK (NOR) 5–4 W
Onsala BK 2 (SWE) 6–2 W
TJK Legion Tallin (EST) 9–1 W
Onsala BK 3 (SWE) 4–0 W
Djurgårdens IF (SWE) 3–1 W
AIK FF (SWE) 5–4 W

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