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“Everything is so big”

An active volcano and small earthquakes. Media reports about those things from the little island called Big Island, which is a part of Hawaii. Kona Crush’s every day life is the same as always and they don’t notice the volcano so much. They are now in Gothenburg to play football. And could’t get a better start of the tournament.

Kona Crush have found a spot in the shadow at Apelsinplan. The boys are fourteen years old and this is the first time they play outside USA. They have started the tournament strong. The first game ended 9–0 and the second one 6–0. Matthew Enriques smiles a little when he think about the results.

– I didn’t think it would go so well. It’s fun to be here and a different experience. It’s not that competitive, but the intensity of the games has made a big impression on me, says Matthew.

Kona Crush is from the western part of the island and the first stop on their trip was Denmark. They left Big Island last Saturday and arrived in Copenhagen two days later. After a fun week with training and games against Danish teams they headed for Gothenburg.

But the trip was expensive. The club have been raising money for two years to give the boys the opportunity to play at Gothia Cup. They are 30 players in total. One team boys 14 and one team boys 15. They traveled together with their coaches, the manager who planed the whole trip and parents. And they are almost 70 people all together.

– The houses are so high and the city is big, nothing like home. And you don’t eat so much rice… I’m looking forward to just be out and about and soak it all in, says Matthew.

The team play group final today (Wednesday) at 8.00 am against the Swedish team Melleruds IF. The coach James Berry is very with the boys performance so far, but couldn’t imagine to get the result they have got.

– We have work to do tomorrow. Our opponents are big, fast and move the ball. But we’re prepared, the boys plays their best football ever, says James.

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