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Dancers ready for the show tomorrow!

Flags, dancers, choir, artists and much more. The opening ceremony takes place tomorrow. A big show is expected and a highlight for many people during the week. More than 250 dancers will be seen on the pitch and one of them is Klara Ahlbin, 13 years old.

– I’m so excited, says Klara Ahlbin.

The dancers from the dance school Twisted Feet gathered last Monday to start preparations for the show. Today the last rehearsals were made at Ullevi after an intense week. A big stage is built in the middle of the arena and outside the grass pitch sits dancers and waits for their turn to rehearse.

Klara and her fellow Twisted Feet-dancers sit alongside the white lines of the football field. Their rehearsals have been going on for almost a week, and for the last two days the dancers have been working on the last details at the Ullevi arena. The classical football arena that stands in the centre of Gothenburg has been transformed in preparation for tomorrows opening ceremony.

The rehearsals means long days, waiting time and a lot of tired feet. The dancers are mixed ages and for some of them it will be first time performing in a big show like this. Mia Hellberg, responsible for the dancers, says that the biggest challenge for a lot of them is to keep focus during the whole day.

– This is completely new for a lot of them and a big challenge. The wait could be hard if you’re not used to it. But it’s a great adventure at the same time, says Mia Hellberg.

Klara is excited to be a part of the show. She has only performed in shows at the dance school before Gothia Cup so this will be the first time performing in front of such a big audience. She got to do an audition to be a part of the dance crew, to make sure she could keep up with the dance routines.

Every routine has different entrances and exits, which Klara finds a little hard to remember. It was difficult for the dancers to rehearse before they came to Ullevi, because of the small gymnastic hall they used. But it’s quite clear for Klara what she thinks is the most fun about being a part of the ceremony.

– To meet new friends and dance for a whole week! I have met a girl called Daniella and we have been hanging out during the week, says Klara.

Klara is ready for the show tomorrow!

50 000 people are expected to attend the ceremony tomorrow (Monday) that kicks of at 8.00 pm. The expectations are high but Klara feels relaxed.

– I think I’m going to be more nervous tomorrow, but we are a lot of dancers so we can help each other, says Klara.

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