All of Gothia Cup in one game - Gothia Cup

All of Gothia Cup in one game

How to celebrate players, nationalities, and the community at ones? The answer is World Game. A game with boys and girls with different ages from different countries. Two teams, one game. Were the most important thing is to celebrate the game.

USA Sweden Argentina Turkey St. Kitts Singapore Italy Brazil Mexico England Peru China Spain Canada Belarus Norway Zambia Estonia Latvia Lithuania Finland Chile Bulgaria Portugal Denmark Russia Malaysia Indonesia.

54 players, coaches and referees from all around the world gathered in one football field.

– It was so fun to play with youth from different countries. We made a lot of new friends and the game was so cool, says Romane och Milane representing Canada.

World Game is played for the second time. The players and coaches get together one hour before the game to create a team. In a game that represent everything that Gothia Cup means. To meet new friends and celebrate the game.

Boys and girls of different ages run around on the field. A smal girl dribbles past a taller boy and makes the crowd go wild. On the stand you can hear a mom say that she told her boy to take it easy with the smaller ones on the field. Despite or differences we can all play together.

You can see the respect and joy the players have for each other. A goalkeeper has a smile on his face and gives his defenders a high five despite the fact that a Brazilian boy from the other team just scored a beautiful goal. There are a lot of gestures on the field when the players tries to communicate with each other and you can see a lot of thumbs up and hear the players give each other applauses.

– It’s an amazing opportunity to be a part of this game. It was so fun but a little hard to communicate on field, says the Brazilian player Matheus with a smile on his face.

It was a tight game that ended 2–1 for the green team.

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