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Celebrate The Game has a new face

Our project to create a better environment both on and off the playing fields, Celebrate The Game, is something we are very proud of. With this years tournament we have developed the communication around the project.
– We’re making the campaign even happier, says Niclas Freiholtz, Competition General.

Gothia Cup is all about joy, fellowship, personal development and creating memories. That’s why it’s important that we do everything we can to help the participant experience just that. The project Celebrate The Game is a part of that work.

– It’s a campaign where we’re trying to explain and simplify the message about how to behave on and around the playing field, says Niclas Freiholtz.

The project involves match delegates who help overlook the games and be around if something happens. In addition to the delegates there are referee observers that will see to the referees wellbeing and development.
– This, along with our more informative elements, constitutes a unity that we call Celebrate The Game.

The more informative elements that Niclas Freiholtz is referring to are – among other things – plates and signs with messages and reminders about how to behave against one another.
– This is one of the greatest initiatives we’ve ever taken. The experience has been very positive amongst the participants when we started having delegates at the games. There is always someone to turn to.

– In general we see that with our communication around the project, participants and leaders and parents really experience an eye-opener with the message we want to mediate. It really sticks. So the project has had a very positive effect on the whole tournament.

What’s new this year in the Celebrate The Game-campaign?

– This year we have added even more referee observers. Every referee should be able to receive feedback and a personal evaluation, to help them and strengthen them in their work.
– And then we’re making the campaign even happier. We now have a mascot in the form of a dog that will bring joy, reconnaissance and stand as an ambassador for the project. He will show up in our communication and our mobile sticker pack. It is a great way to put a face on Celebrate The Game and to help more people recognize the campaign.

The Gothia Cup sticker pack is available at App Store, download it here!

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