Historical first time for Jamaica - Gothia Cup

Historical first time for Jamaica

For the first time in the history a team from Jamaica will participate in the largest international youth football tournament, the Gothia Cup. Cavalier FC will play in the B17 class, and this is their first trip to Europe.

For many of us, this is a once in a lifetime experience, says Rudolph Speid, Chairman and Technical Director of Cavalier FC.

Cavalier FC is based in Kingston, the capital and largest city of Jamaica. The club was founded in 1962 and the senior team plays in the National Premier League.

The Cavalier organisation focuses a lot on their youths with the ambition to develop world class players that play at the highest levels of football.

Our philosophy at Cavalier is that youth must be served. If you are good enough, then you play in any of the teams regardless of age. We have under 10, under 13, under 15, under 17, under 20 and senior teams. Each squad has 40% of players that are eligible to play on younger age teams, says Rudolph Speid.

The best coaches in the club are assigned to coach the youth players and over 40% of our revenue goes to the youth teams.

The team contingent traveling to Sweden will be 22, some parents and siblings will come as well. Rudolph Speid says that they’re all very excited about the adventure.

For many of us this is a once in a lifetime experience. We look forward to meeting different cultures, experiencing different playing styles and adapting accordingly. We think it will be a great experience.

What are your expectations on Gothia Cup?

We expect the Gothia Cup to be exciting and challenging, however, we are coming to win the tournament. That is always our goal.

Tomas Andersson, Gothia Cup coordinator of the B17 class, visited the club in Kingston to see the quality of the players and meet club representatives. He could tell that Gothia Cup was important to Cavalier FC.

What type of football does the Jamaican teams play, Tomas?

I saw a little bit of African style in their football. Even if they haven’t come as far as Ghana or Nigeria, the Jamaican teams are well on the way.

Cavalier FC now awaits the go-ahead to make a stopover in the US, and if all goes well the team and their families arrives in Sweden in July. Tomas Andersson is happy for Gothia Cup that the team is coming to participate.

It will be a great experience for them and it will be fantastic for Gothia Cup to have them. Just think of all the Caribbeans living in Sweden that will come to see them. It will me amazing.

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