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Lessons for life

It is not just about the football at CF Gothia in Congo-Brazzaville. Even though many of the children have dreams about becoming professional football players they also learn other important things they will carry with them along their journeys through their lives. Here, three of the children share their experiences from the school.

Mienanzambi is 12 years old and the friends are what she likes the most about the Gothia sport school in Brazzaville.

”It makes me so happy to come here and learn how to respect others and love my neighbour”, she says.

Mienanzambi loves to play football but his biggest dream is to become a pilot. At CF Gothia he can get good advices that he can use along the way, he says.

• • •

Eleven year old Merveille and twelve year old Kibakila are two football girls at the school I’m Brazzaville. Merveille, who lives close to Gothia, was invited by her friends to also play football when she was walking by. She accepted the challenge. She says Gothia has taught her ball control, passing teqnique but also to have a positive attitude and respect others.

Kibakila, who dreams of becoming a professional football player or a nurse when she gets older, adds that they also learn to talk well about others and never to insult anyone.

On the photo is also our leader Mbemba (in the middle). She is also an appreciated leader for the national team of Kongo.

• • •

Babindamana is 12 years old and lives in a simple house just next to our facilities in Brazzaville. He lives tight together with his mother, father and his four siblings. Babindamana is one of many children we help with material etc. Babindamana is så happy for our sports school.

”I love Gothia because I am so much taken care of. I learn how to play football and get many new friends”, he says.

Babindamana dreams om becoming a professional football player, maybe in Congo-Kinshasa, or becoming a police man.

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