Feeling like champions in Germany - Gothia Cup

Feeling like champions in Germany

The first SKF Meet the World pre-tournament in 2018 took place in Germany in February. SG Quelle Fürth (Boys 11) from the city of Fürth (near Nürnberg) won the tournament and can now look forward to an all-expenses-paid trip to Gothenburg this summer to play in the Gothia Cup.

In line with a shared ambition to promote teamwork, responsibility and equal opportunity, SKF started the Meet the World pre-tournaments in 2007. They give children, who might not otherwise be able to afford to travel to Sweden, the chance to come to Gothenburg and be part of the Gothia Cup.

Klara Weigand is communications manager at SKF Germany. She is project manager for the Meet the World pre-tournament in Germany and explains:

“A team from Germany has participated in SKF Meet the World/Gothia Cup every year since 2011. It’s a great opportunity to bring young people together from all over the world.”

Twelve teams from the Franconian region of Bavaria participated in this year’s pre-tournament which took place on February 18. SKF Germany partners with a local club who help to plan and run the event.

Klara herself has travelled to Gothenburg 5 times with winning Meet the World teams from Germany.

“The Gothia Cup aligns perfectly with our values of care and responsibility. There is such a positive and unique atmosphere around the tournament. The children gain important social experiences, meet people from different countries, and make new friends. Through this football event we can build bridges between different nations.

In Klara’s experience, the children enjoy being part of a ‘world championship’ – at least for one week in Gothenburg. Every year, she receives numerous letters from the teams, children and parents involved thanking her, Gothia Cup and SKF for making memories for life.

“One year, one of the teams wrote and told me the whole team felt like champions all summer. Making them proud made me feel very proud.”

2018 SKF Meet the World teams from Europe
G16: Turkey
Portugal, Spain
Boys 11:
Czech Republic, Germany, Russia
Boys 14: Bulgaria, Estonia
Boys 15: Great Britain
Boys 16: Italy
Kim Källsträm Trophy: France, Sweden
TBC: Latvia, Lithuania

SKF Meet the World pre-tournaments
• Started in 2007
• Arranged each year in approx. 25 countries where you find SKF
• 42 countries have participated
• 27 000 players
• 3 500 of whom SKF have brought to Gothenburg – all expenses paid
For more information about SKF Meet the World, visit meet-the-world.com

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