Information about G11/B11 in Gothia Cup 2018 - Gothia Cup

Information about G11/B11 in Gothia Cup 2018

The tournament structure for our participants in G11 and B11 will change in Gothia Cup 2018. To guarantee our youngest participants as many games as possible they will play three group stages, instead of playoffs.

The Swedish Football Association has in recent years investigated how it can develop children’s football through changing the competition structure with the approach to compete from a child’s perspective, according to the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Therefore, starting in 2018, there will be prohibited to make tables in leagues for children U11 and also to designate a winner of a tournament through playoffs for the same age group.

Hence, Gothia Cup needs to change its tournament structure for the youngest categories, G11 and B11. In 2018 the teams in these classes will play the group stage as before, but instead of the playoffs the teams will be rearranged into a second and a third group stage.

The group leaders will go to their group, teams placed second go to their group and so on an so forth. This leads to a levelling of teams within their groups in the different group stages.

The result of the change is that all teams will be guaranteed to play seven games, compared to the earlier average of 4,5 games. Since no teams are knocked out, all teams will play throughout the tournament. These categories play all days from Monday to Friday,

Our hope, and belief, is that this change will lead to more games, as well as more even games, and that this will bring even more joy to the game for our children.

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