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Aids Day at CF Gothia

During a theme day before Christmas, the children at our sports school in Congo, CF Gothia, learned more about AIDS and how to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases.

Training takes place six days a week at CF Gothia in Brazzaville, Congo. Football, gymnastics and beach volleyball are activities that are included in the program for approximately 300 children and adolescents who are enrolled in the school.

However, before training starts, children and youths participate in social activities. These activities include everything from lessons in the ten building blocks of the school – positive attitude, honesty, respect, responsibility, consideration, good language, humility, encouragement, trustworthiness, role modeling – to English lessons or play games and jigsaw puzzles. Children who often are required to take great responsibility at home will get the time and chance to be just children and be able to play games and have fun.

The social activities can also include classes in life skills with subjects like physiology and puberty, violence due to gender, hygiene, sexually transmitted diseases and discrimination. Subjects that are taboo in many homes.

Before Christmas, a theme day on AIDS was held where the children learned more about the disease and had the opportunity to discuss sexually transmitted infections and how to protect themselves from them.

– The leaders spoke and we got to discuss. Before I thought that I would have two wives but now I just want one, that is better, says Exaucé.

Deo also thought it was an informative day at CF Gothia.

– I already knew that sexually transmitted diseases exist but it was good to learn more about how to prevent them, for example be careful about hygiene and use contraception, she says.

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