This year’s Fairplay Trophy winner - Gothia Cup

This year’s Fairplay Trophy winner

Celebrate the Game raised spirits at this year’s Gothia Cup. A few teams that made particularly outstanding contributions were this year’s Fairplay Trophy winners: Åhus IF, Vaksala SK, Kramfors-Alliansen, CO Vincennes and Go-Pro Sport.

Celebrate the Game is a fairplay project run by Gothia Cup in order to create, together with all of our participants, a better environment for everyone, both on and off the pitch. When the project launched in 2016, the number of red cards distributed at matches during the tournament was cut in half and happily, the number of incidents fell even more last summer.

“Our participants have adopted the message, in which we encourage respectful behaviour and remind them that this is about youth football, in a fabulous way. The teams take enormous responsibility and contribute to a positive climate on and around our pitches, entirely in line with the spirit of Gothia Cup,” says contest leader Niclas Freiholtz.

As a part of Celebrate the Game, the Fairplay Trophy is presented to a number of teams each year in appreciation of the teams that have demonstrated excellent conduct during Gothia Cup. In 2017, the award went to: CO Vincennes (FRA), Go-Pro Sport (UAE), Åhus IF, Vaksala SK and Kramfors-Alliansen (SWE).

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