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CF Gothia was filled with joy as the season began

A new academic year is underway at our sports school in Congo, CF Gothia. 125 children and young people were on site on the first day and for the first time, our new volunteers in Brazzaville got to enjoy the joy and energy that spreads when the area is filled with life and movement.

After a brief pause, many of our children and young people could not wait to get started with the activities at CF Gothia. Around 45 girls and 80 boys were there as football, gymnastics and volleyball started up again for the new academic year.

Jumping, playing, dancing and the joy of the game were in focus as activities began. One of the school’s ten hallmarks was in focus at the social classes: a good role model. The children got to talk about what the term “role model” means and how to behave in order to serve as a good role model for others.

“Many new kids have come to the school, so in the beginning, the leaders of the social classes will focus on subjects to create a good atmosphere and make sure that the new arrivals take a positive approach to the activities,” says Ludvig Everstrand.

Ludvig and Matilda Persson are our new volunteers who are on site at the school in Brazzaville. They were both eager for the beginning of the academic year and filled with joy after the first day.

“The first day was really exciting. We’ve gotten to meet a lot of kids in other places before the year began, but not this many all at once. It was incredibly fun to see the joy and expectation in their eyes when they finally got to start up their favourite activities again. The word JOY permeated the entire area,” says Matilda Persson.

Leaving behind the Swedish autumn and winter for Congo and Brazzaville was a huge adjustment, but Matilda and Ludvig got to know their new city and the people who live there in short order.

“It feels wonderful to be here; we’ve been well taken care of both by our colleagues at the centre and by the families we’re staying with. It wasn’t long before we started to adapt to the Congolese lifestyle, food, climate, how to take the bus and so on. As soon as the language started falling into place, it became easier to understand your surroundings. I’ve had many great conversations about cultural differences between Sweden and Congo, and other fascinating subjects with my Congolese friends and colleagues,” says Ludvig.

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