Two gold in two years - Gothia Cup

Two gold in two years

The ruling champions Lizzy Football Club, who won the B11 class last year, played the final in B12 this year. This time even against a German team, SC Nienstedten.

The match started very well with a lot of physical contact and fine technique from both teams. There were some surprising chances, and in the third minute, SC Nienstedten had in principle an open goal, but no goal was made.

Both teams dared pushed high. The Ghanaian team had a small takeover in ball possession in the first half and the Germans got the most chase. A fine match from the goalkeepers by both teams made 0-0 a long time.

The crowd experienced a fantastic exciting half. A half that had just everything – except goals.

In the second half there were other buns when Lizzy FC scored two goals in two minutes. The first through number 10, Hsamani and the second of number 2, Elijah Boateng.

After the game, Lizzy took over the match. The Nienstedten was still dangerous and tried to find all the ways to get the ball behind Ghana’s goalkeeper. 44 minutes into the match, 3 – 3 was the score for Lizzy FC of Reginald. The last five minutes consisted of rolling ball for Lizzy and trying to close the match.

The Germans managed to get a free kick at the last minute, which looked nicely behind Lizzy’s goalkeeper. The match ended 3-1 to the ruling champions Lizzy FC, who again can bring home the Gold Cup home.

– This finale was much tougher than last year, and I’m so glad we took gold for two consecutive years, said the coach Abdul in Lizzy FC after the team had received the trophy and gold medal.

A well-accomplished match of both teams, congratulations Lizzy FC one more time and congratulations SC Nienstedten for the silver medal.

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