The South American team won the B14-final - Gothia Cup

The South American team won the B14-final

The finals in the B14-category stood between Pequenino’s Do Jockey from Brazil and the Lizzy Football Club from Ghana. It was Lizzy who owned the ball during most of the match. But it was Pequeninos do Jockey who stood for the goals.

A match that had everything. The thrill, the speed and the throne. The guys played with a great self-esteem and it seemed on the plan. The first goal came after fifteen minutes in the first half of number 19, Marcus Alencar. Marcus drove a lot of solo drama as he hit the goalkeeper alone and could scold the ball into goal.

Lizzy took the game in the second half and struggled to score. The Brazilians kept tight defensive and had the skill of getting Lizzy in the offside many times.

During the last 10 minutes of the second half, it was basically a game against a goal. Lizzy played the ball while Pequeninos got a hunt and defended himself. Both teams had good chances and it seemed like Lizzy would make a goal.

With a game that gave advantage to Ghana, the game suddenly turned completely in the other direction. Alencar of Brazil managed to take the ball of Lizzyz back line, and again performing solo and rolled the ball the same way as the first target. There dashed the Marcus Alencar final and was able to cheer with his teammates.

Match winner who is also the man of the match was, perhaps not surprisingly, Marcus Alencar in Pequeninos do Jockey.

– It feels absolutely amazing to win the finals. It is a honor to receive the prize as the best player of the match and to make two goals in a final. Absolutely wonderful, says Marcus.

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