Swedish connection in Tusal Youth Club - Gothia Cup

Swedish connection in Tusal Youth Club

It is the first time a team from Nepal participates in Gothia Cup. Tusal Youth Club had the big honor to be that team and the story about this team is really a loving one. The coach for the team, Chakra Bahadur is a sponsor child to the Swedish lady, Ingrid Holm. 

Ingrid Holm got inspired from her daughter long time ago about travelling to Katmandu, Nepal and hiking. Once she get there, she fell completely in love with the country. Back home she wanted to stay connected with the country and could after a process, sign up to get a sponsor child from Nepal. Chakra Bahadur was the lucky boy from Katmandu, Nepal to get the Swedish contact person, Ingrid Holm.

Throughout the years, they’ve had contact were Ingrid had sent money and contributed in a way that Chakra could living a good life in Nepal.

When Chakra grew up, got married and got a child, he decided to let Ingrid name the child. She named the boy Henrik – a Swedish common name.

Chakra is now in Gothenburg for the first time and compete in Gothia Cup with his team Tusal Youth Club.

“It’s so clean environment and everyone are so kindly here. Im so honored and excited”, says Chakra Bahadur.

The player Refresh Singh Thaku agrees with his coach and adds:

” To compete in the worlds largest youth tournament, we are so proud of the team, the club and the players”, says Refresh.

Tusal Youth Club lost two games and won one game in the group stage and will play B 1/32 final tomorrow. The social partner for the club is “Tingstad”  who helps the team by guiding and supporting during the week.

On Saturday, they will travel together the coast were the Nepalis will swim in the ocean for the first time.

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