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Stronger than ever

Two wins in two days and today, Kinna IF was ready for the final play in the B14. But the team’s road to Gothia has been anything but easy when three players agreed on a tragic bus accident earlier this spring.

From that day in April, Kinna IF boys born 02-03 will never be as before. Pelle Lundin, coach of Kinna IF, tells us that the accident in April became a big shock. Pretty soon, Pelle understood how serious the situation was.

–It’s too bad even now I’m talking about it. It was a tough time, but we have come strong from that event, says Pelle.

Hopefully there is no harm, which is not a good thing. After the accident, however, the team managed to go on the planned trip to Kosovo and Albania.

–Immediately after the bus accident, we never thought we would get away, but the football has strengthened us. It was a great trip, it came perfect after all that had happened, says Pelle.

You usually say that when something bad happens in life you have three choices. You can either let the event define you, destroy you or let it strengthen you. Kinnas IF has never been stronger than it is now, and it is noticeable on schedule so well beyond the plan. The event strengthened both players, leaders and parents in the team and Pelle has seen a big change in the team since the accident.

–We are a completely different team now. As a coach myself, I have got a completely different perspective that we take the group in the first place.

One of the guys involved in the accident, Norton, was in the team on the side of the game on today’s match at Kungsbacka. But the smile on the lips was still there.

–It feels good to be back with the team again. Cohesion feels really good and it’s wonderful. I will continue to practice and fight for the rest of the summer and let’s see what happens next, says Norton.

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